• CUCKOO International as a Healthy Home Creator continues to invest and develop Beyond Standards products and services through its CUCKOO Healthy Home platform.
  • The CUCKOO Healthy Home platform is supported by three key pillars and brands – Healthy Appliances pillar with CUCKOO, Healthy Lifestyle pillar with WonderLab and the newly launched Healthy Home Care pillar with WonderKlean.
  • Introduction of exciting products with CUCKOO’s all-new P10 multi-cooker and WonderLab’s WonderDewi masks, to offer customers and fans a more comprehensive range of healthy home products.
  • CUCKOO International enhances its CUCKOO Healthy Home platform with the launch of its Healthy Home Care pillar and brand – WonderKlean, a disinfection service provider.

Photo : CUCKOO Healthy Home platform will be supported by four pillars – Healthy Appliances with the CUCKOO brand, Healthy Lifestyle with the WonderLab brand, Healthy Home Care with the WonderKlean brand and Healthy Living (coming soon)

Kuala Lumpur, 6 May 2020 – Healthy Home Creator, CUCKOO International (MAL) Sdn Bhd (CUCKOO International), has introduced a series of Beyond Standards products and service to customers and fans – the P10 multi-cooker, WonderDewi masks and WonderKlean disinfection service. The newly launched products and service are in line with the company’s vision to provide Malaysians a one-stop healthy home solution through its CUCKOO Healthy Home platform.

“It gives us great pleasure to introduce the P10 multi-cooker, WonderDewi masks and WonderKlean disinfection service to our Healthy Home customers and fans. Our focus remains the same – to continue investing, developing and introducing Beyond Standards products and services. We hope to increase the quality of living by making the Healthy Home concept accessible to all through our CUCKOO Healthy Home platform,” said CUCKOO International founder and CEO, Mr Hoe Kian Choon.

Photo : At the digital launch event, CUCKOO International Chief Customer Officer (CCO), Mr Toh Seng Lee, reiterates CUCKOO International’s focus to provide Malaysians a healthier living through the CUCKOO Healthy Home platform.

CUCKOO International is fondly known as a home appliance brand credited to introducing the South Korean home appliance brand, CUCKOO, to the local market. Since then, CUCKOO International has grown and ventured into other aspects of a healthy home, positioning itself as a Healthy Home Creator. The different aspects of what makes a healthy home are categorised into four ‘pillars’ under a single platform – CUCKOO Healthy Home.

Supporting the CUCKOO Healthy Home platform, each pillar features its own unique products or services. While the fourth pillar has yet to be launched, the three pillars are:

  • The first pillar known as ‘Healthy Appliances’ is dedicated to developing and introducing healthy appliances through the CUCKOO brand. Starting from Water Purifiers, CUCKOO now houses a range of products including Air Purifiers, multi-cookers, outdoor filter, induction hobs and kitchenware.
  • Focusing on beauty care and lifestyle, the CUCKOO Healthy Home’s second pillar is called ‘Healthy Lifestyle’. Leading the pillar is WonderLab, a skincare retailer featuring a range of skincare brands – Haruharu, WELL NATURE and WonderDewi.
  • The latest and third pillar, the ‘Healthy Home Care’ pillar focuses on delivering Beyond Standards services to customers and fans. Through this pillar, CUCKOO International has introduced the WonderKlean brand which aims to provide indoor disinfection services with its highly professional and specialised CUCKOO Healthy Home service team.

Launched digitally, CUCKOO International unveiled the ‘Healthy Home Care’ pillar and has rolled out new products and service under each CUCKOO Healthy Home pillar – P10 multi-cooker, WonderDewi masks and WonderKlean disinfection service.

Cook with Joy and Completely Stress-Free. The All-New CUCKOO’s P10 Multi-Cooker.

Photo : Cooking is now made easier and fun with CUCKOO’s latest healthy appliance, the P10 multi-cooker.

Meal preparation is made easier with the newly launched P10 Multi-Cooker. The multi-cooker features 9 different cooking modes – white rice, turbo white rice, sushi rice, GABA rice, porridge, multicook, baby food, bread ferment and oven. Through the extensive and diverse cooking modes, consumers can prepare a variety of food, from as simple as cooking porridges to baking. Most notably, the patented ‘MY Mode’ technology gives user the flexibility of choosing their rice texture between normal and glutinous.

The multi-cooker has a large capacity with the capability to cook up to 10 cups of rice (1.8 litre). With its Smart Algorithm, the CUCKOO technology ensures energy efficiency or prevents energy waste during the cooking process. The product is also durable with the X-Wall Diamond coating that could withstand high pressure and heat.

Cleaning is also easier with the multi-cooker’s detachable stainless-steel cover and auto sterilisation mode – sanitising the multi-cooker with extremely hot steam. On top of its impressive cooking modes and patented technologies, the multi-cooker is also equipped with 14 safety features including overheating prevention system, safety locks and pressure control system.

Comes with warranty and reasonably priced at RM 1,500 per unit, the P10 multi-cooker is also available in rental package at RM70 per month for 24 months. The P10 multi-cooker is available for purchase at any CUCKOO E-Brandstores.

Experience Wonder Beauty transformation. Introducing WonderLab’s WonderDewi Masks.

Photo: WonderLab introduces the WonderDewi masks packaged into three types of Wonder Kits – 7-day, 14-day and 28-day. Perfect and nourishing for every skin type, each wonder kit comes with a combination of the four different WonderDewi masks – Dewi Hydro, Dewi Bright, Dewi Repair and Dewi Soothe.

With a RM20million investment for year’s overall WonderDewi brand development, WonderDewi has also collaborated with Astro, as its media partner. With the newly introduced WonderDewi masks by WonderLab, improving and maintaining a healthy, hydrated and dewy skin is made possible. The WonderDewi masks feature four different types of sheet masks, each infused with natural extracts to nourish and care for different skin types.

The four mask types are:

  • Dewi Hydro – rich in AQUAXYLTM and 7 types of Hyaluronic acid to provide long-lasting deep skin hydration and retain skin moisture for a hydrated skin;
  • Dewi Bright – formulated with pearl extract to improve uneven skin tone and refine skin for a healthier and brighter glow;
  • Dewi Soothe – infused with Calendula extract and Pink Aloe to remove excess heat and moisturise skin, thus able to sooth, stabilise and revitalise troubled and dry skin; and,
  • Dewi Repair – formulated with Natto Gum to stimulate the growth of collagen and increase skin’s elasticity for a healthy and firmer skin.

Following a human’s skin cycle, the WonderDewi masks are packaged into three different Wonder Kits with tested skincare routines for 7 days, 14 days and 28 days. With a gentle formula and tested by dermatologists, the WonderDewi masks are safe for daily use and will aid in improving skin conditions. Sold on CUCKOO E-Brandstores, the Wonder Kits are priced competitively at RM66 for the 7-day wonder kit, RM118 for the 14-day wonder kit and RM228 for the 28-day wonder kit. Beauty lovers could also enjoy up to 20% discount and a free HaruHaru Wonder Black Rice Facial Oil worth RM50 under the WonderDewi launch promotion.

A Revolutionary Service – The WonderKlean Indoor Disinfection Services.

Photo : A revolutionary Healthy Home Care service under the CUCKOO Healthy Home platform, WonderKlean aims to provides customers and fans Beyond Standards services. Led by the highly professional CUCKOO Healthy Home service team, the effective indoor disinfection services will eliminate viruses and bacteria, offering customers a peace-of-mind with a healthier and safer living space.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the awareness of dangerous viruses and bacteria that are hidden from plain sight as well as the need for disinfection for a safer and cleaner space. Introduced at the right time, the WonderKlean disinfection service is capable of removing up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including Influenza A virus, E. Coli, coronaviruses such as SARS, and Coxsackievirus A16 and Enterovirus, which cause Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (HFMD). This is 50 to 80 times more effective as compared to using normal bleach as a disinfectant.

The WonderKlean disinfectant tablets are also safe and harmless to adults, children and pets. It is alcohol-free and non-flammable, odourless, and has no irritant and non-corrosive (pH5-6). Making the disinfection service accessible to all, the service is affordably priced in two packages – the Standard package priced at RM300 and Superior package priced at RM600, both available for purchase at the CUCKOO E-Brandstore or WonderKlean website at

The Standard package contains one WonderKlean disinfectant tablet which is able to disinfect an area of up to 1,500 sq ft. while the Superior package comes with three WonderKlean disinfectant tablets to disinfect an area of up to 4,500 sq. ft.. These disinfection services are done professionally by the CUCKOO Healthy Home service team who are well-trained to offer customers Beyond Standards services and a peace of mind.

Celebrating the launch of the Healthy Home Care pillar and WonderKlean disinfection service, as well as to help existing CUCKOO customers get started, CUCKOO International is offering a one-time free disinfection service to be conducted during the customers’ Natural Care Service session from June to September 2020. In addition to that, CUCKOO customers would also receive Exclusive CUCKOO Customer Special, redeemable via any CUCKOO E-Brandstores.

#CUCKOOCares, a Beyond Standards Initiative.
Following the COVID-19 outbreak, CUCKOO International has also started a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), awareness and educational campaign – CUCKOO Cares. Through the campaign, the company has been actively extending its support to the Government and Malaysians to help cope and combat the pandemic.

“CUCKOO International is always about going Beyond Standards to increase the quality of living. In line with the same spirit, we have been and will continue to go the extra mile to support the Nation wherever possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. As always, we extend our appreciation to the frontline professionals for their untiring and unwavering service to the Nation,” says CUCKOO International Chief Customer Officer (CCO), Mr Toh Seng Lee.

Through the Beyond Standards initiative, CUCKOO International has equipped the temporary COVID-19 quarantine centres at MAEPS Serdang and Kota Kinabalu Sports Complex with Water Purifiers and Air Purifiers worth more than RM200,000. Some of the other efforts under the campaign also include sharing tips and information to Malaysians on how to care for themselves and their loved ones during the pandemic, and extending moral support to those affected through the ‘SAMASAMA Sehati’ music video produced with the help of its ambassador and Malaysia’s Queen of Pop, Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza.

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