Frequently Asked Questions

CUCKOO Products

What are the types of products you offer?

At CUCKOO, we offer a diverse range of Healthy Appliances and Living products to help create Healthier Homes. Our vibrant range of products includes:

  1. Water Purifiers
  2. Air Purifiers
  3. Multi-Cookers
  4. Induction Hobs & Kitchenwares
  5. Outdoor Water Filter
  6. Mattresses
  7. Air Conditioners
Where are your products from?

All CUCKOO Water Purifiers, Air Purifiers, Multi-Cookers, Induction Hobs and Kitchenwares sold in Malaysia are manufactured and imported from Korea; while all CUCKOO Outdoor Water filters, Mattresses and Air Conditioners sold in Malaysia are curated locally.

Are all CUCKOO products SIRIM and HALAL certified?

All CUCKOO products have been certified safe under SIRIM and other relevant accreditation from the authorities. On top of that, CUCKOO Water Purifiers are also HALAL-certified.

Are all CUCKOO products covered under warranty?

Yes, all CUCKOO products are covered with a minimum of 1-year warranty. In general, as long as you are still paying for your product’s CUCKOO Rental Plan or CUCKOO GOOODPLAN™, your product will be protected under our warranty.

That said, you are also advised to check the actual warranty terms which varies from product to product with our CUCKOO Natural Executives (sales representatives).


Which product comes with the CUCKOO Rental Plan?

Check out the list of Beyond Standards Healthy Appliances & Living products you can own affordably through our CUCKOO Rental Plans here at

Which product comes with the CUCKOO GOOODPLAN™?

The CUCKOO GOOODPLAN™ is a flexible payment plan that allows you to own a Beyond Standards Healthy Appliance or Living product affordably by choosing the repayment amount and repayment period best suited to you. Check out the range of products that comes with our CUCKOO GOOODPLAN™ here at


What happens when my product's contract end with no outstanding payment?

Once your product’s contract has matured or ends with no outstanding payment, the product will belong to you. From then, you may subscribe to our CUCKOO+ Care Service Package (CCSP) annually which includes periodic service, filter replacement (subjected to the type of product), and product warranty.

This CCSP will usually be offered and recommended to you by our CUCKOO+ Service Specialist before your contract ends. Alternatively, you may also drop an email to for a quotation.

What are your contract terms? How long must I pay if I subscribe to the CUCKOO Rental Plan or CUCKOO GOOODPLAN™?

The contract terms for our CUCKOO products under the CUCKOO Rental Plan and CUCKOO GOOODPLAN™ varies from product to product and depends on the type of plans you subscribe. Reach out to our CUCKOO Natural Executives (sales representatives) to find out more!

Will there be any advance fee when we subscribe to the CUCKOO Rental Plan or CUCKOO GOOODPLAN™?

Yes, there will be an advance fee charged when you subscribe to our CUCKOO Rental plan and CUCKOO GOOODPLAN™. That said, the fee will be used and deducted on the last month of your contract’s obligation. Also to note, if the product is installed in September, the first rental bill will fall on October.

How can I cancel my order or terminate my rental? Will there will a termination fee?

Before Installation:
Reach out to the CUCKOO Natural Executive (sales representative) who is in charge of your sales order for further assistance.

After Installation:
There will be a termination fee if you intend to terminate the rental contract within the rental obligation period. The rental termination fee is calculated based on the balance months’ rental fees plus outstanding fees (if any) according to your rental contract. To avoid paying the termination fee, you could opt to transfer the product ownership (be it to family members or friends) to continue the contract. (Note: The product ownership transfer is subject to terms and conditions)


I have recently updated my payment card / I would like to update my payment details. How can I update my payment details?

To update your payment details:

  1. Click on the CUCKOO AI Chatbot button (at the bottom right corner of the webpage)
  2. Select ‘CUCKOO Payment’
  3. Select ‘Change Payment Info’ for further assistance
How can I check my current outstanding payment?

General Customers:
You may download our CUCKOO+ mobile app and register an account to view your outstanding payment(s), download your invoice(s) and receipt(s), and even earn CUCKOO+ reward points to redeem exclusive rewards.

Corporate Customers:
Please register an account at to view and download your invoice(s).

Why did my credit card submission fail?

Oh dear! Unfortunately, we will not know why or what has caused the enrolment / deduction to fail as your data is protected by the bank.

I have been double-charged this month. What should I do and can I get a refund?

Don’t worry! If you have paid in excess, the extra amount will be carried forward to your following month’s / next bill.

Should you require a refund, you may also drop us an email at Our team will be guiding you through the refund process*.

*Note: Depending on banks, the refund process may take 14-30 working days.

Order Details & Status

How can I change / update my product order details (contact no., address, e-mail address)?

To update your address / contact details:

  1. Click on the CUCKOO AI Chatbot button (at the bottom right corner of the webpage)
  2. Select ‘CUCKOO Order’
  3. Select ‘Update Contact / Update Address’ to update your details accordingly

Alternatively, you may also drop us an email at for further assistance.

How can I check my product order status?

Once you have purchased a product, you will receive an order status update from time to time. You could also check your order status via our CUCKOO AI Chatbot (click on the button at the bottom right corner of the webpage).

Product Installation

How can I arrange for product installation?

For Outright Purchases:
Our installation team will be in touch to arrange for product delivery and installation once you have successfully purchased the product.

For CUCKOO Rental Plan & CUCKOO GOOODPLAN™ Subscriptions:
Our installation team will be in touch to arrange for product delivery and installation once the advance fee has been successfully paid and the order has passed the verification stage.

Can we use an extension cord to connect and power on CUCKOO products?

No, it is not advisable for safety purposes.

Are your product installation free? Will there be additional charges?

All CUCKOO Water Purifiers, Outdoor Water Filters, and Air Purifiers comes with a free basic installation & may subject to additional charges depending on your installation requirements; whereas the delivery and installation for CUCKOO Mattresses and Air Conditioners will come with a fee that is subjected to delivery and installation requirements.

Will there be any charges for installing optional valve outlet and optional faucet for my CUCKOO Water Purifier?

Yes, there is a minimal charge for the valve outlet and optional faucet as these are not provided. Our CUCKOO+ Technical Specialist would further share the cost required depending on your installation requirements during your installation appointment.

Will your CUCKOO Water Purifier come with a water pump?

No, customers are required to purchase their own water pump. That said, if there is a need, it can be installed by our CUCKOO+ Technical Specialist during your CUCKOO Water Purifier installation.

CUCKOO Natural Care Service (Maintenance / Periodic Service)

How frequent will you come and service my CUCKOO product(s)?

Our CUCKOO+ Care Service (periodic service) period varies according to the type of product and your contract terms. In general, the following applies to CUCKOO products with an active CUCKOO+ Care Service Package (CCSP):

  • CUCKOO Water Purifiers: Once every four months
  • CUCKOO Outdoor Water Filters: Once every six months
  • CUCKOO Air Purifiers: Once every four months
  • CUCKOO Mattresses: Once every four months
  • CUCKOO Air Conditioners: Once every six months
How can I continue subscribing to the periodic service after my contract / service package ends?

Our CUCKOO+ Service Specialist will reach out to offer you our CUCKOO+ Care Service Package (CCSP) which includes periodic service, filter replacement (subjected to the type of product), and product warranty. Alternatively, you may also drop an email to for a quotation.

CUCKOO Water Purifiers

What is so special about the CUCKOO's Water Purifiers?

CUCKOO’s Water Purifiers supply mild alkaline* drinking water filled with good minerals and free of heavy metals. On top of that, our filtration system is also capable of eliminating up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses too!

*The alkalinity of the water may vary depending on the area’s water supply / composition of water.

What is the difference between CUCKOO's purified water and RO water?

CUCKOO’s purified water is:

  1. Rich in good minerals
  2. Free of heavy metals
  3. Mild alkaline*
  4. Clean with up to 99.99% harmful bacteria and viruses eliminated

RO Water is:

  1. Clean but contains no minerals
  2. Has water wastage

*The alkalinity of the water may vary depending on the area’s water supply / composition of water.

Why is my room temperature water hot after I turned off the cold water switch?

Don’t worry if your room temperature water turns slightly warm after you’ve turned off your CUCKOO Water Purifier’s cold water switch. This is because CUCKOO Water Purifiers’ antibacterial water tank is made of stainless-steel, in which the heat from the hot water tank might transfer to the cold water tank when the water is not cooled / cold water switch is turned off.

CUCKOO+ Mobile Application

How can we download the CUCKOO+ mobile app and register an account?

The CUCKOO+ mobile app is a customer-exclusive membership mobile app launched to allow all CUCKOO and WonderKlean customers to manage each product / service purchase more conveniently and earn exciting rewards!

To download the CUCKOO+ mobile app and register an account:

  1. Download/update the CUCKOO+ mobile app via Google Play / Apple App Store / Huawei AppGallery (Search ‘CUCKOO+’).
  2. Click “Register” for registration. (existing / old users from the old CUCKOO+ mobile app must also register as part of an upgraded security feature to further safeguard your information).
  3. Fill in your details. The NRIC and mobile number must match the information used to purchase a CUCKOO product / WonderKlean service previously.
  4. Create a new password.
  5. Read and acknowledge the Terms & Conditions.
  6. An Authentication Code will be sent to the registered mobile number. Fill in and click submit.
  7. You’re all set! Proceed to login to explore the CUCKOO+ mobile app!
How can I earn the CUCKOO+ reward points?

It’s extremely easy to earn the CUCKOO+ reward points. You can earn these reward points through:

  1. Outright product / service purchase: 1 CUCKOO+ reward point for every RM1.
  2. Rental plan / CUCKOO GOOODPLAN™ payments: 100 CUCKOO+ reward points for every payment made on-time.
  3. Service Appointment: 900 CUCKOO+ reward points when you schedule a new service appointment via the CUCKOO+ mobile app.
  4. Customer ‘Service Quality Check’ (SQC Survey): 700 CUCKOO+ reward points when you complete the SQC after the periodic service CUCKOO+ Care Service (CCS).

*New CUCKOO+ rewards points will be updated on the 15th of every month. (E.g. If payment is made on the 15th of August to 14th of September, your new CUCKOO+ reward points will only be reflected / updated on the 15th of September.)

Will I receive my CUCKOO+ reward points immediately?

New CUCKOO+ rewards points will be updated on the 15th of every month. (E.g. If payment is made on the 15th of August to 14th of September, your new CUCKOO+ reward points will only be reflected / updated on the 15th of September.)

I have more questions on the CUCKOO+ mobile app.

Have more questions about our CUCKOO+ mobile app? Visit for more information!

CUCKOO e-Brandshop

Are your products suitable for international use?

While our products are designed primarily for use in Malaysia, some models may be compatible with international voltage requirements. We recommend checking the product specifications or contacting our customer support team for further assistance.

Do you offer warranty coverage for your products?

Yes, we provide warranty coverage for all our products to ensure your peace of mind. Warranty periods may vary depending on the product category and model. Please refer to the product specifications on Product Page for specific warranty details. All our electrical appliances, including rice cookers, come with a 1-year warranty.

What should I do if I encounter issues with my product?

If you experience any issues with your product, please contact our customer support team immediately. Our dedicated team of experts will assist you with troubleshooting steps and provide guidance on the next steps, including warranty claims or product exchange.

Can I purchase replacement parts for my appliance?

Yes, we offer a selection of replacement parts and accessories for our appliances, including filters and more. You can browse our online store or contact our customer support team to inquire about specific replacement parts for your appliance model.

Do you offer product demonstrations or trials?

Yes, we occasionally organise product demonstrations and trials at select locations or events. Please stay updated on our website for announcements regarding upcoming demonstrations or trials in your area.

How can I stay informed about new product releases and promotions?

To stay informed about new product releases, promotions, and exclusive offers, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media. You’ll be the first to know about exciting updates and special deals!

Can I return or exchange a product if I'm not satisfied?

Please note that we do not accept returns/exchanges once the product has been removed from its original packaging. However, returns/exchanges can be arranged within seven (7) days of delivery for defective or incorrect products.

Please be aware that you will not receive any refund even if the product is returned to us, and any other reasons for the replacement or exchange of products won’t be entertained after the specified timeframe. Defective and incorrect products are limited to missing quantity, receiving the wrong item, faulty product, or damaged item.

These warranties do not apply to any products or parts that have been subject to misuse (including any use in violation of Seller’s or the manufacturer’s instructions), and neglect (including inadequate maintenance, improper storage, incorrect installation or that have been damaged in transit).

How can I retrieve the purchase order details of all my previous CUCKOO purchases?

Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not offer a member login system on our website. However, if you have any inquiries regarding your previous purchases, please feel free to contact our customer support team, and we’ll be happy to assist you in retrieving your purchase order details.

How can I check on the status of my CUCKOO purchase(s)? Is it out for delivery yet?

After placing your order, we’ll send you the delivery tracking number via email, so please pay attention to your mailbox. With this tracking number, you can easily monitor the status of your Cuckoo purchase(s) and track its delivery progress.

Can I purchase any of your products from your website?

Yes, you can purchase any of our products directly from our website. Simply browse our product catalogue and follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the Product page
  • Step 2: Add your desired product to the cart
  • Step 3: Proceed to checkout
  • Step 4: Key in delivery details
  • Step 5: Make payment
Must I register an account to purchase?

No, you do not need to register an account to make a purchase on our website. Our current system does not include a member login feature. You can proceed with your purchase as a guest user by providing the necessary information during checkout.

How can I contact your customer support team?

You can reach our Customer Support Team via chat with us during our operating hours: Monday to Friday (9:00AM – 6:00PM) and Saturday (9:00AM to 1:00PM). Additionally, you can send us an email at, and one of our representatives will respond to your inquiry promptly.

Are there any installation fees if I buy a faucet from your company?

If the faucet is being installed along with the purchase of a new water purifier, installation is complimentary (FOC). However, if the faucet is being installed separately, a fee of RM40 will be charged for installation services.

What is the estimated time of repair?

Please allow up to 14 working days for repairs. *This lead time is only an estimate and could change.

Many factors, such as our spare component availability, the circumstances of our logistics partners, natural disasters, worldwide pandemics, or other unanticipated events, could cause delays in repairs.

What is the process for repairing or replacing a product under warranty?

You can raise your claim by emailing us at To claim the warranty, please ship the product to us. Please note that the shipping cost will be your responsibility. Once your warranty claim is approved, we will arrange for the repair or replacement of your product. If the product can be repaired, we will handle the necessary repairs. If the product cannot be repaired, it will be replaced with a new one.

Do you offer purchasing or delivery services outside of Malaysia?process for repairing or replacing a product under warranty?

Currently, we only provide purchase and delivery services within Malaysia. Our products are designed for use within the country’s electrical standards.

If I take a product outside of Malaysia, can I still claim the warranty?

Unfortunately, warranty claims are only applicable within Malaysia. Customers who bring our products outside Malaysia may not be able to claim warranty benefits.

What is the timeframe to register the product for warranty, and from which point does the warranty period start?

Registration for the warranty is not required, as it’s associated with the product’s serial number. The warranty period begins on the date of shipment.

Are there any terms and conditions that can void the warranty?

Please note that warranty may be void if the product is damaged due to misuse, neglect, or unauthorised repair by third parties.

What happens if the courier system marks an item as delivered, but I did not receive it?

If the item is deemed delivered by the courier system but not received by the customer, we will investigate the issue and take appropriate action, which may include refunding or redelivering the item.

The investigation process will take up to seven (7) working days.

What are the delivery charges for my order?

For orders above RM100, delivery fees are waived.

For orders below RM100, a delivery fee will be applied.

  1. 0 ~ 1 kg = RM10
  2. >1 kg ~ 7kg = RM40

This policy is consistent for both West Malaysia and East Malaysia.

Other Inquiries

How can I become a CUCKOO agent?

Looking to join our CUCKOO Big Family? Send in your resume to

I am interested to partner up with CUCKOO / I have a sponsorship request. Who can I contact?

Thank you for your inquiry, kindly email your queries, requests and proposals to



Click on the Live Chat button at the bottom right or you can submit your enquiry in Contact Us form. We will get back to you within 24 hours.