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In & Out Promotion – RENTAL

Final in and out (Rental) Webpage banner FA

A CUCKOO mild-alkaline water purifier for drinking water? Check.
A CUCKOO outdoor filter for everything else? Check.
Double the filtration, double the peace of mind.

Rent a the all-new XCEL at only RM100/month or an IRIS TOP at only RM94.34/month, and get a *free CUCKOO PRIME X1 outdoor filter worth RM2,400.

Rent one, free one. Only with CUCKOO.

* Terms and conditions apply. First-year Natural Care Service subscription (RM700) for PRIME X1 is required.


In & Out Promotion – OUTRIGHT


Awesome rewards await when you purchase CUCKOO XCEL or Iris Top mild-alkaline water purifier!

Choose between three gift packages, each packed with wonderful items that will surely uplift your home living experience!

Terms and conditions apply.

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