The Healthy Appliances Pillar

Every person in this world is constantly searching for ways to improve their standards of living, the quest for a better quality of life never ends.

At CUCKOO, we have made it our mission to push the boundaries of our capabilities, so that we are able to not only further improve lives by meeting the standards that millions of families around the world would expect of a global home appliance, but to also go far beyond these standards in all that we do, every day.

This is the Promise.

Our Journey


Mr Koo, Jia Shin established CUCKOO Electronics (Formerly known as Sunkwang Electronics Co. LTD).


The CUCKOO brand was launched.


Mr Koo, Bon Hak (Brian) became CEO.


CUCKOO International, CUCKOO Korea’s first overseas joint venture company was founded by Mr Hoe Kian Choon.


CUCKOO Brunei was founded by Mr Wong Kim Guan. CUCKOO Singapore was founded by Mr Hoe Kian Choon.


CUCKOO Indonesia was established by CUCKOO International (Malaysia) and CUCKOO Electronics (Korea).


CUCKOO International officially became the Southeast Asian hub.


CUCKOO International celebrated its 5th anniversary. Establishment of CUCKOO International’s Distribution Centre and new Call Centre.


CUCKOO International is now known as CUCKOO Healthy Home providing a more diverse product offerings.

Since our establishment in 2014, we have been focused at improving the quality of living through Beyond Standards products and services.

Expanding and diversifying our product portfolios to further advance this mission, we have launched our CUCKOO Healthy Home platform in 2020, featuring four pillars and brands. While the fourth pillar has yet to be launched, the existing three pillars continues to support the platform with its own unique products and services –

  1. Healthy Appliances pillar with CUCKOO* (Water Purifiers, Outdoor Filter, Air Purifiers, Induction hobs and Kitchenware).
  2. Healthy Lifestyle pillar with WonderLab* (beauty care retailer featuring Haruharu, WELL NATURE and WonderDewi).
  3. Healthy Home Care pillar with WonderKlean* (home care services).

Each pillar will continue to expand to offer a more comprehensive range of Healthy Home products and services.

Our Identity

Our Philosophy

In our quest to deliver satisfaction to our customers, and to enable our users to have confidence in our brand and services, we have ingrained the ‘Beyond Standards’ philosophy into all that we do.

Our Mission

To become the No. 1 healthy home creator in Asia through our CUCKOO Healthy Home platform.

Our Vision

  1. To go beyond standards in all that we do.
  2. To bring happiness and wellness to every single CUCKOO Healthy Home user.
  3. To grow the company organically and to become a socially responsible organisation.