Our efforts to improve the quality of living of all Malaysians begin from within.

CUCKOO is more than just a team.
Every one is welcomed and celebrated as one CUCKOO family.

Going ‘Beyond Standards’ in all that we do, we have constantly curate activities to bring people together, to grow talents and leaders, as well as to create a people-focused culture!

CUCKOO is a place where diversity is celebrated, ideas are valued and people are empowered!

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At every step of the way, every employee has played a role in building CUCKOO to what it is today. Featuring all employees, this music video is a celebration of everyone’s hard work and dedication. It is about everyone #SAMASAMA building CUCKOO together as ONE CUCKOO Family.

CUCKOO Healthy Home 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival

While 2020 may be a challenging year, we are happy that we have a strong family to ride us through the storm. So this mid-autum festival, we’ve embarked on a series of fun mooncake-making workshops to celebrate our bond as a family and grow closer together.

2020 Annual Dinner

Not letting any hard work go unnoticed, the CUCKOO annual dinner is a platform where exceptional works and employees are recognised and awarded. The 2020 annual dinner saw some of its biggest rewards given – employee awards and lucky draw prizes worth up to RM300,000 and also a car! Aside from that, CUCKOO’s 2020 Brand Ambassador, Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza, also came by and gave everyone a surprise visit!

2019 CUCKOO Happy Family Day

Family has been a key concept for the company. Extending beyond employees, CUCKOO employees’ family members were invited for a full day of sports and team bonding activities.

HR Asia’s Best Companies To Work For In Asia

CUCKOO International is a place that focuses on a humanistic work environment, celebrating diversity and empowering individuals. Every employee is welcomed as a family member and is given the opportunity to grow in a fun, positive and supportive environment. With all of these, we have been recognised as one of โ€œthe Best Company to Work forโ€ by HR Asia for 2 consecutive years (2019 & 2020).


At CUCKOO, your career opportunities are almost limitless.
All it takes is the courage to face challenges and a strong passion to go Beyond Standards in all that you do!

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