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Water PurifierGRACEThe Family’s Essential

GRACE Picture 1-min
Equipped with thoughtful features such as a 6-stage filtration system, water temperature selection, and a child lock button.
  1. 6-Stage Filtration with 4 Filters
  2. Child-Lock Safety Feature
  3. Cold, Hot and Room temperature water
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Filter Steps 6-Stage Filtration with 4 Filters
Filter & Replacement Period Sediment Filter Every 4 Months
Pre-Carbon Filter Every 8 Months
Natural Filter Every 12 Months
Nano Positive Filter Every 12 Months
Tank Capacity Cold 3.8L
Hot 1.4L
Ambient 3.8L
Power Consumption Cold 120W
Hot 500W
GRACE Picture 1-min

Natural Care Service

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