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Quench your lungs with crisp, fresh air purified by CUCKOO Plasma Ioniser and even larger filters.

  1. CUCKOO Plasma Ioniser (CPI bacteriostatic)
  2. Smart Reservation Function
  3. Multiple Operating Modes
  4. Upsized 5-filter & 8-level Filtration System
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Recommended Area 38.3m2 / 412.2ft2
Energy Rate 30W
Certification CA Mark (Korea Air Cleaning Association)
Filter 5 Filters: Pre-Filter, Allergen Plus, Harmful Gas Relax, Deodorisation Filter, 4 in 1 HEPA Filter
Functions Timer, Fine Dust Mode, Auto Mode, Sleeping Mode, Turbo, Filter Replacement Indicator, Energy Eye Function
A Model

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