Your Water Source Affects Your Water Standard
Cuckoo has the solution


Here's a fact: Be it a residential or commercial address, water source differs from one vicinity to another; and where your water comes from directly affects the pH level of your drinking-water, even after filtration.

Because of the reason above and also the fact that Cuckoo Water Purifiers employ natural filtration process to retain and supply good minerals, as well as to prevent water wastage, the pH level of the water from Cuckoo Water Purifiers may not always be at the approximate pH 7.5 level.

Don't Worry.

To ensure that your drinking-water meets the stringent standards set by Cuckoo, Cuckoo's professional team of Natural Doctors and Natural Doctresses will first test the condition of the water that is straight from the source, and if the water is found to be too acidic, they will upgrade the filter in order to provide the best mild-alkaline water that has an approximate pH level of 7.5.

That is the Cuckoo promise.