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Our mission at CUCKOO is to push the boundaries of our capabilities, so that we will not only improve lives by meeting the standards that millions of families would expect from a global home appliance brand, but also go beyond these standards every day.


Natural Care Service Learning Centre

BeyondDrinking Water

Get to know the full range of CUCKOO Water Purifiers and the magic behind the technology that goes beyond drinking water.

BeyondGood Taste

Find out more about Malaysia’s first ever rental-schemes for multi-cookers.

BeyondFresh Air

Enjoy fresh and clean air inside your home every day with CUCKOO’s stylish and advanced air purifiers.


Cuckoo Malaysia Home Cuckoo+ Mobile


The one app you need for all your Cuckoo appliances

All-NewAmazing Features

  • Manage Your Account
  • Light Reads
  • Browse Products
  • Live Chat
  • Brandstore Locator
  • Reward System
  • Service Appointment
  • Online Store
  • Recipe Videos


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